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Over 100 years of combined experience in dairy management

Company Information

360 Ag Management

360 Ag Management was formed in 1998 in Stephenville, TX. It was formed out of the need to centralize the business activities of multiple agricultural production entities and multiple ownership structures.  Since its inception, 360 Ag Management has provided business oversight and upper management placement to twelve agricultural businesses and has processed over $380 million of the business’ revenue and expenses.  Oversight and management of large dairy production sites and forage crop enterprises remain as our primary activity.

Business Office

We have four full time staff members with a combined 80 years of experience in managerial accounting overseeing all business transactions, accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll accounting. This includes an in-house CPA which allows for internal P&L reporting to financial institutions. Absolute accuracy and detailed record keeping are the pride and joy of this efficient group of individuals who combine to make the 360 Ag Management Office team.

Dairy Herd Management

Whether it’s an individual dairy manager or a combined management team from one dairy, we have an extensive depth of experience through these hard working individuals. Dairy to dairy production benchmarking, continuing education courses, manager to manager meetings, use of outside consultant training, and numerous other techniques insure these individuals stay abreast of the most current dairy management techniques made available to them. Whether it’s a bachelors degree in agriculture, a vet degree from Mexico, or a lifetime of experience in the dairy field, all of these individuals are amongst the best in their field.

Workforce Development & Support

Recognizing that a company’s most valuable asset is their employees, we go to great lengths to carefully recruit, screen, and train prospective employees. We desire long term and well trained employees who are happily employed. We have a dedicated staff who oversees each employee’s career path and assist them as they seek out opportunities for advancement and further education within the respective company in which they are employed.

Agronomics & Farming

For over the last 10 years, we’ve been closely involved with over 25,000 acres of farm ground each year. In an ever increasing energy cost driven field, constant innovation has led to advanced techniques in silage harvesting and storage, manure nutrient utilization methods, and increasing feed quality. Using new technology, some old school know how, and a lot of trial and error has allowed us to better utilize the local natural resources made available to us in producing feed. This has significantly reduced our client’s dependency on imported feed and made them more environmentally sustainable at the same time.

Dairy Cattle Reproduction & Genetics

We currently staff two former route breeders who have over 20 years of combined breeding experience. Their experience in dairy cattle genetics and crossbreeding, show ring performance, and embryo transfer work has been just one of the reasons we continue to welcome visitors from around the globe on a monthly basis.

New Construction & Operations Maintenance

Our extensive history and experience of designing new ag production facilities and updating old facilities has resulted in a field staff, both in-house and SUB-contracted, that is second to none. Whether it’s a new cross ventilated dairy barn, a newly designed pivot irrigation system, or renovating an old milk parlor, we have the expertise to find a practical solution while always being mindful of the financial investments and returns involved.