consulting / management / construction
Oversight & management of dairy production sites



With over 100 combined years of dairy management and finance experience, 360 Ag Management’s team of managers and executives offers in depth knowledge in virtually all aspects of dairy production and financial analysis.  We approach every business and production site as its own unique creature with its own creative solutions to best suit it for optimum results.


Realizing that owners don’t always want to manage, and managers don’t always want to own, we provide various levels of management services to owners and operators.  In every case, we’re able to offer a unique management and ownership structure that meets the needs of each and is able to maximize a business’ profitability by allowing everybody to do what they do the best.


We’ve been involved in various levels of dairy construction for over 20 years.   Whether it’s a minor dairy site upgrade or a new 4000 cow dairy facility, we collaborate with various engineers, dairy specialists, and construction companies to strategically design a practical solution for the dairy producer at the lowest cost possible.